A-JAX Golf Cart Tracker

Finally, a reliable and affordable solution for golf cart security! The A-JAX Golf Cart Tracker combines GPS and 3G cellphone technology to provide you with the accurate location of your golf cart instantly. This $99.99 package comes with everything you need for straightforward installation, plus 3 months of service. Afterwards, the service is only $60 for the year. Never lose your golf cart with the A-JAX Golf Cart Tracker! Call us at 1-888-209-7692 or order online to start protecting your golf cart today!


How Does It Work?

The A-JAX Golf Cart Tracker is assigned a phone number, just like a cellphone. The tracker is then installed in an inconspicuous location on the golf cart. You can call the tracker from your cellphone at any time. The tracker will then text the coordinates of its location, which includes a Google Map link you can tap on. The simplicity is what makes it so effective – all without costing a fortune.


What happens if someone cuts the power?

The tracker is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for 2 days. The tracker will immediately text you if it loses external power, alerting you to unusual activity.

How much power does the tracker draw from the golf cart battery?

If you were to let your golf cart sit unused, the tracker would work for a year in power saving mode. Without power saving mode, 2 weeks. You should keep the tracker in power saving mode unless you need to call the tracker multiple times.

Can anyone call the tracker?

No. Only authorized numbers for the tracker will receive text updates. It will ignore anonymous phone calls.

Can it alert me when someone takes the cart or do I have to know it is missing?

Yes, the tracker comes with many alert settings. For example, if the speed notification setting is 35mph and someone tries to haul the cart away, the tracker will immediately text you, alerting you to unusual activity.

What if I am going to be away from the cart for a long time?

You can set the tracker to alert you through text if the cart is moved at all. You can then disable this when you return.

Do I need to be at the golf cart to change the alert settings?

No, all settings are changed by texting the tracker unit.

What tools are needed for installation?

Wire strippers, wire crimpers, adjustable wrench, phillips head screwdriver, and a flat head screwdriver.

How difficult is installation?

Easy difficulty. Our online video installation instructions walk you through each step and allows you to move at your own pace.

How much does this cost?

The kit is $99.99 total and includes 3 months of service plus $4.49 for shipping. Afterwards, the service is $60 for the year.

When does the included 3 month trial begin?

Email us at tracker@ajaxgolfcarts.com when you are ready to begin your trial.

What types of golf carts will this work with?

Any brand of golf cart, gas or electric powered.

Does this have to be installed on the roof of the cart in order to receive signal?

No. The tracker will work through plastic, fiberglass, etc. You would not want to enclose it inside of metal though.

What is the warranty on the tracker?

The tracker comes with a one year warranty where we will replace a defective tracker.

What are the benefits to 3G service?

Many carriers are discontinuing their 2G service by 2020, which many other trackers rely on.

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As a golf cart rental business in North Myrtle Beach, SC since 2008, we have seen golf cart thefts in the area first hand. We knew there had to be a better way to protect a golf cart. After much research and testing, we have found the most effective, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use way to track a golf carts location. We want this to work for you, just like it has worked for us!

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